The uniqueness of cosmetic dentistry is to help people with discolored and decayed tooth by giving them a natural and alluring outlook to multiple teeth. Whenever this dental treatment is been done importantly to the front teeth, this act is simply known as Smile Makeover.

This start with a smile structure consultation with your dentist where several examinations are been done with the goal to achieve that which you have in mind. There will clear plans formulated by your dentist to drive at the facial appearance your best deserve.

There are different types of a smile makeover, but you can always Get a smile makeover from Apollonia Dental if interested.

Types of Smile Makeover

Teeth Whitening

Tooth bleaching as being called by some is the simplest means and the least expensive dental treatment for a smile makeover. This treatment can help to restore your dark enamel to normal color and give you the best smile outlook you desire.

Porcelain Veneers

This device is attached to your tooth to boost its cosmetic appearance. It is one of the latest innovations in dentistry because it got approved as a result of its ability to cause a great change to the overall outlook of smiles. They are resistant to stain which makes it most people’s choice when it comes to smiling makeover therapy. This can help to fill the gap in between teeth and make it looks good.

Gingival Recontouring and Gingival Grafting

This is also known as gum lift and it involves the removal of excess gum tissues concealing the front teeth. Too much gum in front of your teeth can make your teeth appear short while they are not. This therapy helps you to scrap off some gum covering the teeth thereby improving your smile.

Inlays and Onlays

Whenever a portion of the tooth is missing which results in the loss of strength and durability, then the best dental treatment is the resin inlays or onlays. This treatment requires the removal of the infected tooth and leaving the healthy ones. They are very expensive and they last longer compared to other treatments.

White Fillings

There are several effective ways of Smile makeover but the most effective one is the use of white fillings. This dental treatment will enhance your confidence to smile in public by giving your colored and decayed tooth the glittering white color that looks like other teeth. It adds stability and firmness to the remaining tooth structure and also helps to prevent damages.