Today the use of welding machines has increased a lot, due to increase in the demand of welding related work. This has also raised the demand of welding helmets as it helps in protecting the welder’s eyes from spark and the harmful light that is given by the arc. These days different types of helmets are available in market with latest technology attached in them. To meet the needs of workers and to protect them from any type of risk they have been modified and many changes have been brought up in it.

They make work much easier and effective due to which workers are more focused on work and they work efficiently. There are two different types of helmets available in market, which are passive helmet and second is auto-darkening helmet. Although, both are meant for the same reason but their working is quite different. Passive helmets are the traditional ones that the welders are using from a long time. While on the other hand auto darkening helmets are the latest one and they have advanced features and technology in them. If you want to know more about them then you can visit the official page of Welding Wolf. This site will provide you all the necessary information regarding the helmets and how you can buy them.

Latest technology used in helmets

Arc tracking feature: These days most of the helmets are coming with an arc feature in them with which the lens tracks the arc time when the operator starts welding. Through this technology, it is ascertained that how much work a worker did in the given time period and how much time they have taken to do the work. For this a digital clock is attached to the helmets in which alarm can be set and track of all the activities can be kept.

Option for grinding: Grinding is considered to be very time consuming work, but is the most important work of welding process. So, to ease this work, many helmets have been launched with the option of grinding. They have a grinding mode along with a push button that welders can flip at the time of grinding.  Through this the lens will get adjusted and it will make the working more secure which means extra security will be added in favor of workers.

Electromagnetic sensing: This option is beneficial for those welders that deal in outdoor work. With the help of electromagnetic sensing all the obstructions can be blocked with the help of sensors and it will also prevent lens from auto darkening. The sensors eliminate the issue by picking up the magnetic frequency.