Instagram is among the most famous and highly used social media platforms today. Initially it was popularly used for recreational purposes, however, over time this has changed, and many businesses and individuals are using it to market their products and services. Real estate consultants can use the platform to market their services and products as it has a broader reach. Here are the ways through which you can make this effective.

    1. Posting clear photos and videos

The introduction of digital cameras has made it possible to take clear pictures and videos. Therefore a real-estate agent can make a post and accompany it with videos and photos of the property in question for physical proof. This ensures that it attracts views and comments which will later translate to future purchases.  Note that most of the users on Instagram are drawn by photos. Therefore, capitalize on this element to attract more followers and in the long run customers.

    1. Application of hashtags

Hashtags are supposed to drive discussions about a particular topic. Ensure that you develop creative and brief hashtags in the real-estate sector. This helps to ensure that followers discuss your products and services and from these discussions, one is able to get a number of purchasers.  It is important to avoid repetitive use of a single hashtag as it drives the followers away, develop a new one each time you intend to use them.

    1. Automation of Instagram page

Sometimes, you may feel as if you spend a lot of time on Instagram as you try to gather new followers for your account, make comments, like and all those functions involved.  An excellent solution to handle this is the automation of all tasks involved with the account. The tool takes care of these functions while you concentrate on the core activities at ease. You can check reviews of some of the best automation tools you can use on your Instagram page here

    1. Adding links related to the company on posts made

Since not all the information you want to offer the market can be displayed on a single post, you can make a captivating post and insert a link on your bio section. If the followers gain interest in the content, they can click on the link and get more details of your real-estate offerings.  This helps you to market on both your website and on the Instagram page thus possibility of higher sales.