Have you ever wondered why women calls the kitchen their office, this is because it is the most important room in the house where most of the cooking is been done.

And if there is a place that should be kept clean all the time, it is the kitchen. But lot of women has difficulty in keeping their kitchen safe and free from creepy bugs. They are not to be found in the kitchen as they can infect your food and cause health problem.

There are ways to deal with those creepy bugs, house fumigation might be cumbersome and expensive, the use of insecticide is unhealthy but there are some natural ways you can deal with these bugs and stop then from coming into your kitchen.

Here is some useful information on how you can keep your kitchen free from bugs without using chemicals.

The use of Vinegar

One of the best ways to keep ant free from a place is to keep things they hate closer to the place. And this is why you should use vinegar. Ants hate the smell that vinegar gives, so you can use this natural ingredient to keep ants away from your kitchen by spreading it at the entrance of your kitchen.

The use of corn flour

Corn flour is alluring to ants because it has sweet taste. But it is poison to them because the flour doesn’t get digested in their tract and this will lead to their death.

So sprinkling some of this corn flour at some strategic location in your kitchen, will quickly help them have access to it and your kitchen will be free from bugs.

Mouse traps

This method has been used for years and it’s still effective. All you have to do is just to get a mouse trap, get something alluring to the animal, placing it on the trap. This will attract the animal and it will get trapped when eating it.

Another means is by using mouse glue. You just place the bait on it, the animal would come and get stock with the glue and you will dispose them after killing them.


Not only human hate the smell of garlic, insects and bug does too. Placing some fresh ones in your kitchen will help you send insects and ants far away from your kitchen. They hate the smell and run away from where it is positioned.


With these natural ways listed above, I bet you will be able to keep your kitchen free and safe from bugs and make sure you always keep your kitchen clean as well.