Social media has taken over various industries and no one can resist the transformation it is bringing. Not too long ago, if you needed some motivational talk, you either got one in school or scrolled through various TV and radio stations to get someone to lift you up. Inspiration and motivation was region based because as a motivational speaker it could be hard to transverse all the countries giving people hope. Social media has changed how people perceive this topic and people can now get talks from people they have never met physically. The following are the reasons why Twitter is becoming popular among motivational speakers

Easy to catch the attention of the followers

Twitter has a limit on the number of characters that you can use on a single post. It thus means that you have to be direct to the point but still pass the intended message. The attention span of people is an average of 7 seconds which means that you need to be quick in delivering your message. You can include a quote and then lead people to your site or other pages for more insights. If you wish to use more characters in a single post, then you can always create a thread.

You can put your business on autopilot

A good presentation demands a thorough preparation irrespective of whether you want to provide it digitally or to a gathering of people. You also expected to keep your followers engaged, search for new followers, look for hashtags and comment and retweet other people’s posts. Balancing the two can be an overwhelming task which you can only overcome through automation of some tasks. It is worth noting that some bots might land you in trouble while others will improve engagement levels on your account. You can check Spire for reviews of some of the best bots you can use on your Twitter account.

You do not have to be an expert to use Twitter

In the past, marketing was an affair of professionals but now things have changed. You can function without a marketing team because you are a brand yourself. You just need to know what to post, who to target and when to do it. Do not market your services directly but invest in quality content and the selling process will never be a challenge. Check out some of the market leaders in this space and learn a few tricks from them as well.